Why i hate the letter s full essay pdf

The letter 'S' has always been my least favourite letter of the alphabet. It is not only because it is the same as the letter '5', which is also not my favourite, but also because it is incredibly hard to pronounce. Every time I have to read or say a word containing the letter 'S', I find myself getting tongue-tied and struggling to pronounce it correctly. This has resulted in me becoming less confident when speaking, as I'm constantly worrying about mispronouncing words.

Moreover, the letter 'S' often appears in words that I find particularly difficult to remember. Words like 'specific', 'scenario' and 'significant' all contain the letter 'S', and this makes it much more difficult for me to remember them. As someone who frequently needs to draw on their vocabulary for work and other tasks, this can be quite frustrating.

Finally, I even find myself avoiding words containing the letter 'S', as I know I will have difficulty saying them correctly. This means that I often end up speaking in a very awkward way, as I have to go out of my way to avoid the letter 'S'. This has affected my confidence when conversing with others, making me hesitant and uncomfortable.

In conclusion, these are some of the reasons why I have never been fond of the letter 'S'. It always seems to cause me difficulty when I'm speaking, writing and trying to remember words, and this can be quite irritating at times. Hopefully, with more practice and patience I will eventually be able to master the letter 'S', but until then it will remain my least favourite letter.

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