What is the conclusion of an essay

An essays conclusion is its final paragraph or section and is the most important part of an essay. It should summarize the arguments made in the body of the essay and tie together the overall theme. The conclusion should leave the reader with a clear and memorable understanding of what the essay was about and why it was important.

The essays conclusion should be written in a way that reinforces the main points made in the essay. It should begin by restating the main idea or topic and then briefly summarizing all of the points made in the body of the essay. This gives the reader a sense of closure. The conclusion should also include a call to action, if applicable. This encourages the reader to think about or act on what they have just read or learned.

In addition to summarizing the points made in the essay, the conclusion should directly address any questions which have been posed throughout the essay. If a question was raised in the introduction, then it should be answered in the conclusion. This is how an essays conclusion works to tie up all loose ends and bring closure to the essay.

Finally, an essays conclusion should be written in a way that has a lasting impact on the reader. It should provide an inspiring thought or something to consider from what was written in the essay. This can be done through quotes or anecdotes that pertain to the topic or point being made in the essay. In doing so, it gives the reader something tangible to take away from their experience with the essay.

In conclusion, an essays conclusion is a very important section as it ties everything together and leaves the reader with a lasting impression. It should summarize all parts of the essay and answer any questions posed throughout it, while also providing an inspiring thought to consider.

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