What are the Advantages of Granite Countertops?

What are the Advantages of Granite Countertops?

Granite is a winning choice of materials for any indoor or outdoor space. The intense effort involved in its production leaves a finished product that is virtually indestructible.

The durability of granite comes from its volcanic origins and we doubt that you could do anything to damage it. The earth has been producing granite for as long as it has had erupting volcanoes. It is old enough to encase fossil remains and to have been harvested and utilized by ancient civilizations all over the world.

Natural Benefits and Unquestionable Improvement

This highly functional material can be used to make practically anything in your home or office, such as fixtures, floors, furniture, walls, windows and, of course, countertops for your kitchen or bathroom. This naturally lustrous and unprocessed rock supports green living, can withstand direct contact with hot pans, is very resistant to scratches and is resistant to bacterial contamination.

Granite - Our new granite colors are available in a 3-centimeter thickness and are priced at only $20 per square foot!

It can be customized according to preference in size, shape, color or pattern, and comes in tiles or slabs depending upon the dimensions and purpose of the project. It even sustains all temperatures and weather year-round for lasting outdoor beauty. With no depreciation in value, it automatically increases the value of your home or office.

What is Available and What You Can Expect

You may see fissures and mistake them for cracks. but they are simply a natural consequence of the way granite is formed. It does not affect the integrity of the rock. Since installation and maintenance issues are the only weaknesses that these countertops have, the professionals at Mees Distributors, Inc. can guarantee their end of the bargain.

We offer an array of choices that are available in more than 250 colors. Granite is generally an expensive material, but we can offer you an incredible deal on the latest additions to our extensive selection of domestic and imported granites that we have in stock: Azul Platino, Blanco Alpes, Blanco Perla, and Gran Perla. The colors of these select designs are very neutral and can match any decor, and we are offering them in 3-centimeter for only $20 per square foot!

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