The directive of an essay question

An essay question's directive is the instruction given at the start of an essay which outlines what task the student must accomplish. It is important for students to pay attention to the precise language of the directive as it will determine the content and structure of their essay.

The directive of an essay question should be read carefully as it will provide a guide for the student as to what type of answer is expected from them. Generally, directives will ask students to discuss, argue, compare, analyze or evaluate a given topic. Depending on the type of response expected, the student will need to provide evidence in their essay to support their argument or make a comparison.

When reading the directive of an essay question, it is important for the student to think about what type of evidence will best support their argument. For example, if the directive asks the student to analyze a given issue, they may need to provide evidence of statistical data or quotes from an expert. This evidence should be used to help illustrate their point of view and will help them to answer the essay question more effectively.

Finally, students should also pay attention to any specific details included in the essay directive. Such details may include criteria such as a certain word limit or a specific time period they must focus on. Adhering to these details is key in ensuring that the essay question is answered accurately and that the student receives full marks.

By thoroughly reading the directive of an essay question, students can gain a better understanding of what exactly is required in order to answer the question. This can ultimately help them to write a better essay and receive a higher mark.

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