Subway Tiles Are Always on Trend

Subway Tiles Are Always on Trend

When considering your home decor goals, whether for new construction or a remodeling project, you hope to avoid design fads that trend, peak and decline. Once on the decline, your investment begins to look dated and drab. But one element in wall applications never loses its appeal. That would be the use of subway tiles in, but by no means limited to, kitchens, bathrooms and bars.

Brick-shaped subway tiles bring the past into the present and push both into the future. As a tile trend, these timeless design gems are all at once retro and contemporary — they carry their classy elegance with dignity no matter how long they enliven your space. Manufactured in such a vast array of sizes, styles, materials and colors, your design options are limited only by your imagination.

Here are just a few ideas on how to incorporate subway tiles in your home.


Lest you think subway tiles are merely humble bricks of old, think again. Styles on the market today are many. How would you like perfectly flat, round-edged or beveled tiles? How would a cobblestone texture stir things up?


You can’t go wrong with the classic brick wall pattern where the long edge is horizontal and the rows stagger centers to ends. For added flair:

  • Go vertical
  • Line up in corn cob rows on the long end or the narrow end
  • Angle in a herringbone pattern
  • Create circular or starburst patterns within several rows
  • Combine rows of large tiles with rows or patterns using smaller tiles

Subway tiles in solid white create a clean, sanitary look, while ones in dark colors accent a wall and draw attention.


Ceramic is the traditional material for subway tiles, but with modern manufacturing and distribution, you also can choose from natural stones, metal, glass, clay and porcelain. Each material charms the eye with its unique beauty. A smooth, polished material may be great for a kitchen backsplash due to the ease of cleaning, but bathrooms, bars, mud rooms and anywhere else will look fabulous with any natural stone, metal or terra cotta.


Subway tiles come in any color you could possibly need to complement your home decor. Solid white creates a clean, sanitary look, while dark colors accent a wall and draw attention. Bright yellow spices up a country kitchen and mossy green creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Mirror tiles artfully suggest a larger space.

But nothing says you must use only one color. Offsetting accent colors embedded within a field of tile always adds interest. Installing several colors in a random mix evokes a slate tile roof. Use your tile colors to tie in the design flavors from adjacent rooms.

As you can see, your options with subway tiles are boundless. In fact, it’s easy to get lost in the choices. At Mees Distributors, Inc., we happily provide design services to help you settle on the tile type and color as well as the grout colors and installation patterns. Always ready to help you, our home decor and design professionals are friendly and knowledgeable. Contact us to find the most convenient location and talk to one of our representatives today.

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