Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below to see a series of frequently asked questions. We hope this helps with your questions but feel free to contact us for additional information.

Q: Is Mees open to the public?

A: Yes. We are open to the public and consultations are available by walk in or appointments. If you would like to schedule an appointment please contact your nearest showroom location.

Q. What do I need to bring when I visit a showroom?

A: Please bring any of the following items to help us better assist you:

• Measurements, drawings, or blueprints
• Any samples you have to help guide in the selection process
• Ideas (Please check out our pinterest page for design inspiration)

Q. What is your return policy?

A: We allow all our in stock products to be returned which carries a 15% restocking fee. Please note all setting materials must be returned within 30 days of your purchase. Our special ordered materials are a final sale.

Q. Do you install products?

A: At Mees we distribute natural stone and tile and leave the installation to the professionals. Please contact your nearest showroom location to get a list of our recommended installers.

Q. What is the difference between ceramic and porcelain tile?

A: Porcelain tile is a mixture of clay and feldspar whose body is so dense that it absords less than one half of one percent (0.5%) of moisture. Ceramic tile is a mixture of clays which have been fired at a high temperature but has a water absorption rate of greater than .5%. This is because porcelain tile is fired at a higher temperature than ceramic which makes it denser. Most porcelain tiles can be used indoors and outdoors, while most ceramic tile can only be used indoors.

Q. Will my tile crack if I drop something hard on it?

A. Porcelain tile is one of the most durable flooring products on the market. It can be used for all types of applications, both commercially and residentially. However, if your tile is not properly installed, it is susceptible to cracking or chipping. If you are unsure about installing it yourself we can refer you to a professional.

Q. Is tile expensive?

A. When you consider the long-term cost, it’s actually one of the least expensive types of flooring.

For Example: A tile that costs $400.00 and lasts for over 50 years has a lifetime cost of $8.00 per year. A carpet floor that costs $400.00 and lasts for 10 years has a lifetime cost of $40.00 per year. Furthermore, most realtors will tell you that porcelain tile increases the resale value of your home; thus, porcelain tile is an excellent investment.

Q. Is a tile floor hard on your back or feet?

A. Standing on any floor for a long period of time is difficult on your body. Porcelain tile and natural stone fall into the same category as wood, linoleum and laminate or any hard surface flooring. We recommend a mat or padded rug in areas where you might stand for extended periods.

Q. Aren’t tile floors cold?

A. Tile actually isn’t any colder than other types of flooring, but if this cold feeling is an important issue, we’d be glad to tell you about our inexpensive floor warming system. With our NuHeat™ system, you can regulate the floor temperature with the touch of a thermostat. Visit any of our showrooms to experience a floor heated with NuHeat.

Q. Does grout get dirty?

A. Yes. Grout gets dirty along with the rest of the floor, but this is a problem that can be easily prevented. The first step is to choose the right color grout for the installation. (For instance, a light color in a heavy traffic area may discolor.) The second step is to seal the grout after it’s installed. Properly sealed grout is very easy to clean. We’d be glad to assist you in choosing the proper materials for sealing your grout. There are also epoxy and urethane based grouts that never need to be sealed and are stain proof.

Q. How much tile will I need?

A. All of our tile is sold by the square foot. A simple estimate is to take the Length x Width of your room to determine the square footage. Add 10% to 15% for waste. (10% for a straight installation, 15% for a diagonal installation or a room with intricate cuts).

Q. How do I clean my tile?

A. Simply vacuum and damp sponge mop. Use 1 tablespoon of a mild, soapless dish detergent per 1 gallon of water. If you use a household cleaner, make sure it’s ph neutral. For a more soiled area you can stop into our showroom to purchase any of the professional strength cleaning products we recommend, or visit VanHearron for instructions on cleaning particular installations.

Q. Is porcelain tile fire resistant?

A. Porcelain tiles are totally fireproof at any temperature. They will not burn, or feed a fire. Also, porcelain tiles will not give off toxic fumes.

Q. Will porcelain tile fade?

A. While most materials will fade after long exposure to light the colors in porcelain are unaffected.

Q. What are the benefits of Granite?

A. Granite is a natural stone with an inherent beauty that is unequalled in man made products. Once a granite countertop is properly sealed it is impervious to acids, alkalis, extreme heat, grease and stains. Granite is an excellent investment and will increase the resale value of your home.

Q. Will a natural stone stain if used for a countertop?

A. A Granite or Marble countertop that is fabricated by Mees will be sealed and polished by our natural stone experts to help prevent staining. We also recommend yearly sealing of your countertops to further prevent staining.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Mees accepts the following:

• Visa
• MasterCard
• American Express
• Discover
• Cash
• Checks

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