Love the Look of Wood Floors? Specialty Tiles May Fit the Bill

Love the Look of Wood Floors? Specialty Tiles May Fit the Bill

Many homeowners love the look of natural wood flooring. Wood provides a feeling of warmth and imparts an immediate sense of comfort within a home. Unfortunately, wood floors are not always practical or possible for a number of reasons. Homeowners should know that it is possible to recreate the look of wood flooring with tile, which can give you the best of both worlds.

Wood Floors Are Not Always an Option

One reason why homeowners avoid wood flooring involves the fact that wood is a natural product that requires special care. Wood flooring, even when properly sealed, remains porous and is impacted by any type of moisture or spills. For families with small children or pets, having wood flooring is often not a practical choice. Spills and accident will happen, and damage to wood flooring can require expensive repairs or replacement. In such cases, tile is often a superior option.

The same applies to using wood in kitchens and bathrooms. These are areas where water plays a central role, so the flooring is bound to get wet on a regular basis. Also, it is important to many people that their kitchen and bathroom floors are as clean as possible, and tile is far better suited for scrubbing and steam cleaning than wood.

Wood-look Tiles

Do Tiles Offer a Similar Look Compared to Wood?

Wood-look tile is created from porcelain, which is finished in a variety of ways. Today’s technology offers manufacturers far more options in creating a wide range of tile products. Wood-look tiles incorporate the variations in color, graining and texture of real wood. In fact, some of these products are so realistic that they are indistinguishable from wood to the naked eye.

Wood-look tiles are available in many different shapes and sizes, and some manufacturers are creating tiles that are longer and more like wood plank flooring. Multiple manufacturers offer wood-look tile, in a range of colors and finishes. There are products that give the appearance of a hand-scraped barn wood floor, and others that mimic acacia or bamboo. Once installed, these tiles give homeowners the warmth and depth of wood flooring with the durability and strength of tile.

How Are Wood-look Tile Floors Maintained?

One of the things that make these tiles appealing to homeowners is the ease with which a tile floor can be maintained. Cleaning tile is as simple as regular sweeping, vacuuming or mopping. Some homeowners like to steam clean their tile floors several times a year, especially if children or pets are present within the home. Tiles are incredibly strong and can withstand heavy traffic, but in the event that a section of flooring does sustain damage, it is easy to replace the affected tiles, rather than having to tear out the entire area. Overall, it is the strength and durability of tile floors that make this option attractive to homeowners.

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