Example of introduction in apa research paper ltju

An introduction is an important part of any research paper and is typically the first section readers will encounter. An introduction written in American Psychological Association (APA) style should succinctly summarize the purpose of the paper, introduce the topic, provide relevant background information, and establish the context for the research. Below is an example of an introduction written in APA style for a research paper on the effect of student engagement on academic performance:

The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between student engagement and academic performance among college students. Student engagement can be defined as the amount of effort and involvement students put into their academic work, and is considered to be an important factor in successful academic achievement. Previous studies have shown that student engagement can have a positive effect on academic performance, but this has not yet been fully explored. This study will focus on identifying how student engagement affects academic performance and what aspects of student engagement are most important.

The method used in this study will involve a survey administered to college students. This survey will address levels of student engagement and measure academic performance through grades from previous semesters. The survey will also ask questions about other factors which may influence academic performance such as time spent studying, extracurricular activities, and use of campus resources. This data will then be analyzed to determine how student engagement impacts academic performance.

This study will provide valuable insight into the relationship between student engagement and academic performance. The findings of this research may help educators develop strategies to increase student engagement, which in turn could lead to improved academic performance. This research will also contribute to the existing body of literature on student engagement and its effect on academic performance, providing a deeper understanding of this complex relationship.

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