Dissertation 14578 the odyssey hospitality thesis statement

Dissertation 14578, The Odyssey: Hospitality, seeks to understand the role of hospitality in Homers epic. Hospitality, known as Xenia in Ancient Greek, is a major theme in the Odyssey and features prominently in each of the hero Odysseus many travels. The thesis statement of dissertation 14578 claims that hospitality is a powerful force that shapes the characters, plot, and themes of the Odyssey.

One example of how hospitality plays an important role in the Odyssey comes when Odysseus visits the island of the Phaeacians. Here, he is welcomed with open arms, offered food and lodging, and allowed to tell his tale to the people of the island. This hospitality sets up the rest of Odysseus journey, as it allows him to gain knowledge of the various obstacles he must face and build relationships with characters who will later come to his aid.

The thesis statement of dissertation 14578 also claims that hospitality is a powerful force for good, as it serves to bring individuals together and foster communal bonds. This is evident when Odysseus meets Alcinous, King of the Phaeacians, who promises Odysseus safe passage back home to Ithaca after hearing his story. This act of hospitality acts as a symbol of community and brotherhood which allows Odysseus to avoid further danger and make it safely home.

The thesis statement of dissertation 14578 further declares that hospitality is an integral part of the heroic journey in The Odyssey as it allows Odysseus to overcome challenges throughout his quest. By accepting hospitality in each land he visits, Odysseus is able to gain knowledge, build friendships, and ultimately return home to Ithaca. As a result, hospitality is a major theme in The Odyssey, and dissertation 14578 seeks to explore this theme in greater detail.

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