Common app essay limit

The Common App essay limit is an important component of the college application process. This limit is set at 650 words and it ensures that college admissions officers can read through and review each students essay in a timely manner. The essay is one of the ways that universities get to know the student beyond their grades and test scores. As such, it is important to make the best use of this limited space and create an essay that conveys the students story.

The 650-word limit may seem daunting but it can be managed with the right approach. Students should take some time to brainstorm and plan out the essay before they start writing so that they have a clear direction and a well-structured essay. It is important to remember that the essay does not have to have a novel-length narrative. It is better to focus on one or two points in great detail rather than trying to touch on several different topics.

When writing the essay, students should make sure to include a clear introduction and conclusion, as well as ensuring that the essay itself flows logically and provides examples of the points made. As the word limit is quite short, students should take the time to edit their essay and remove any unnecessary or irrelevant material. Finally, it is important to make sure that any quotes used are properly attributed in order to avoid plagiarism.

In conclusion, the Common App essay limit of 650 words can be challenging but it can also be an opportunity to show colleges who you are as a person and an applicant. With careful planning, thoughtful writing and diligent editing, students can craft an essay that effectively tells their story and helps them stand out from the competition.

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