Argumentative essay topics for high schoolers

Argumentative essay topics for high schoolers can be both exciting and challenging. Argumentative essays require students to research a topic, take a stance and support it with evidence. This type of essay helps students become better critical thinkers and observers. High schoolers are often required to write argumentative essays as part of their curricula, so its important to give them topics that are interesting, relevant and challenging.

When selecting argumentative essay topics for high schoolers, focus on topics that elicit strong opinions and debates. Some topics that may work include school uniform policies, drug use, social media usage in the classroom, academic testing policies and the amount of homework assigned. These topics are highly debated in both the educational and political spheres, and can help students develop their own views on the subjects.

When tackling argumentative essay topics for high schoolers, make sure the topic is age appropriate. High schoolers may not be as familiar with more complex issues like international politics or economic theory. Make sure the topic is something they are familiar with and that they can understand the arguments around it.

Other considerations for argumentative essay topics for high schoolers include making sure the topic is relevant to their age group. For example, topics related to student life, peer pressure or family relationships may be more interesting than those related to macroeconomics or current events. Additionally, think about how much educational value is associated with the topic; while some may be interesting and relevant, they may not provide students with enough educational insight to warrant a full essay.

Finally, when selecting argumentative essay topics for high schoolers, try to keep students interests in mind both their personal interests and those of their peers. If the topic is too boring or overly complex, students may not be as engaged in the writing process. Stimulating topics can keep them interested and help ensure the essay is well-written and compelling.

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