Argumentative essay example

An argumentative essay is a formal style of writing that presents a well-reasoned opinion on a specific issue. A good argumentative essay should include evidence that supports the opinion, presented in a logical and organized manner. To show you how this type of essay is written, lets look at an argumentative essay example.

The topic is: Should fast food be taxed at a higher rate than healthier food?

In this essay, the writer will argue that fast food should indeed be taxed at a higher rate than healthier food. The writer will support this opinion by providing evidence from research studies and statistics as well as personal anecdotes.

The writer begins by discussing the rising rates of obesity in the US and how this is impacting the health of Americans. They then provide evidence from studies that demonstrate how higher taxes on fast food would discourage people from buying it and encourage them to buy healthier options instead. Additionally, they discuss how such taxes could be used to raise revenue for programs that support healthy lifestyle choices.

The writer then moves to the personal anecdotes portion of their essay. They share stories of people they know who have changed their diets due to higher prices on unhealthy food and the positive impacts it has had on their health. They also discuss how raising taxes on fast food could lead to an increase in jobs related to the production of healthier food options.

Finally, the writer offers a conclusion that summarizes their argument and reiterates the importance of taxing fast food at a higher rate than healthier options. They state that such taxes could have a positive impact on public health and that the revenue generated could be used to support programs that promote healthier lifestyles.

This is just one example of an argumentative essay. At its core, an argumentative essay is a formal way of presenting a well-reasoned opinion on a specific issue. By providing evidence to support the opinion and using personal anecdotes to illustrate it, an argumentative essay can be both powerful and convincing.

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