Steps to Removing Your Kitchen’s Tile Backsplash

Steps to Removing Your Kitchen's Tile Backsplash

Are you tired of your dull, boring kitchen? Updating your tile backsplash with a simple DIY home improvement project can dramatically change the look of your entire kitchen. The best part is that you can complete the entire project in as little as one weekend. Just follow these steps:

Removing the Old Grout

Go slow and don’t rush this step. The process of removing all of the old grout from between your tiles may take the most time to complete, but it is necessary for the successful completion of the project.

First, use a sponge to apply a tile cleaner to the entire backsplash. Wait at least five minutes and then dry the area thoroughly with a clean towel. Cleaning your tiles can help to get rid of any loose debris which may have become impacted in the grout lines and can cause problems when removing the tiles.

Next, put on protective eye covering and gloves. Use a grout removal tool to break up the grout between each tile. Go slowly and ensure you remove the grout completely. Using a hairdryer to heat your tiles can help if you find it difficult to remove your grout.

Loosen the Tile

Before you can remove the backsplash from the wall, you will need to loosen each of the tiles. When you loosen the tiles before removing them, you are less likely to damage the sheetrock underneath. If you accidentally cause damage to the sheetrock, you can repair it, but it will take extra time.

Place a putty knife along the edge of a tile. Use a rubber mallet to tap the end of the putty knife gently. The goal is not to pop the tile off the wall, but to only loosen it slightly.

Place a putty knife along the edge of a tile. Use a rubber mallet to tap the end of the putty knife gently. The goal is not to pop the tile off the wall, but to only loosen it slightly. Work your way around each tile using this method.

Pry Off the Tiles

Once all the tiles are loose, it is time to complete the removal process. Find one of the loosest tiles and insert the putty knife as far under the tile as possible. Pry up slowly. Avoid applying a lot of pressure in one area. Instead, move your putty knife around the tile gently, if done properly the tiles are usually salvageable.

After removing all the tiles, use the putty knife to scrape off any remaining setting material from the sheetrock to prepare it for your new backsplash.

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